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Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Love

Today was a special day for two friends of mine, as they each welcomed their first baby into the world.  The excitement, relief and instant bond formed as your little one exits from within your womb into your arms is like no other combination of emotions.  It is truly indescribable! 

For nine months, you become acquainted with the life form taking residence inside of you but nothing compares to finally meeting your child. Hearing their goat-like cry for the first time (which by the way is the most beautiful sound EVER!), counting 10 fingers and 10 toes to confirm appendage perfection or looking into their eyes as they wonder where they are and why they have been plucked from their comfort zone - all moments of pure bliss!

Any and all of the pain endured during your pregnancy (and labor - which I wouldn't really know about with two Cesarean sections under my belt) instantly washes away like the tide and is replaced by immediate unconditional love.  It is a beautiful thing!

I have been 110% confident that our family circle is now complete.  As soon as I rule out one more, I am engorged by that rush of feelings that takes you over as you meet your flesh and blood for the first time.  I imagine that moment when your heart gets bigger to make room for all of the joy and love for your new child and I become uncertain. 110% sure slowly shrinks little by little.  I probably stand at 103% as of now so as long as I avoid "A Baby Story" on TLC, home birth and newborn photo sessions (cough, Jessica and Kristin, cough) and pretty much any pregnant women in a 50 mile radius.  Thankfully, each temper tantrum my girls throw or fever of 101 that they run brings that number right back up and spares me of any wild idea to procreate again!

Naturally, my husband wants to try for a boy.  I'm not exactly sure why since in our situation, he is the King of the Castle.  He will have three women to dote over him, care for him, feel safe because of him; although I'm sure he sees it as three shopaholics with mood swings and menstruation!  Don't get me wrong, I love little boys.  The thought of a baby boy looking up at me like there is no greater woman to have ever walked this earth is endearing and even tempting but I am blessed enough to already have two girls who look at me that way.  They will grow up to be my little sidekicks.  I have an amazing opportunity to be a role model to them.  Alright so maybe I see why my hubby would want a son - someone he could watch Sunday football with or play a round of catch with, all while shaping and molding him into a strong young man and good person.  I certainly see the appeal, however, I'm just not convinced we would even have a boy (or that we could handle being outnumbered with a third rugrat). 

I think the best option for me will be to practice patience for the next thirty years at which time I will become an elated grandmother.  It will be the perfect arrangement - I'll be consumed with love for another baby that I will smother with so many hugs and kisses then give that beautiful pride and joy of mine right back to his or her mommy and daddy before the sun goes down!  I'm sure those of you reading this are thinking I am crazy for even bringing up the grandparent factor when my girls are only three and 11 months but if I don't think ahead like this, that 110% (or 103%) certainty will continue to dwindle to the point of peeing on a stick.  So please, humor me!

In conclusion, I would like to sincerely congratulate Stephanie and Teri on the births of their firstborns this morning.  Ladies, welcome to motherhood!!  It is everything it's cracked up to be...and so much more!

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