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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Boogeymom

As a mother, I wear many hats.  I am a personal chef, wardrobe consultant, chauffeur, bodyguard, teacher, maid (ok, who am I kidding, I threw that one in there for a chuckle to anyone who knows me), butt-wiper, tear-dryer, yada yada yada - you get the drift.  Sometimes I'm the good cop, sometimes I'm the bad cop (so mean, in fact, that my three year old declares she wants a new mommy).  Naturally, I offer suggestions of other mother's she is welcome to adopt but that is completely separate blog. 

Today, I am the "boogeymom."  This is the less intimidating version of the illusive "boogeyman" who threatens children although I'm not exactly sure what he's threatening to do to them - hock a loogey??  As the "boogeymom," I have the pleasant task of wiping drippy noses, suctioning snot, dispensing medicine, soothing whimpers and whines but mostly yearning for my babies to get better. 

I really don't know how parents of terminally ill children or parents of children with long-term health conditions do it.  Not to say that if I were in those circumstances that I would give up on my child or offer anything short of the best care I could possibly give.  I mean it from the perspective of watching your child suffer or struggle day in, day out.  How do they do it?  Using a bulb to clear my nine-month old's nose to help her breathe better breaks my heart and makes me want to discover a miraculous cure for the common cold besides "letting it run it's course" (so I've been told).  I cannot begin to imagine how the parents of a child with cancer or a heart defect or juvenile diabetes (just to name a few) must feel.  We are supposed to be able to take care of our children - nurture them, care for them, protect them.  Their helplessness and vulnerability is both beautiful and painful.  Beautiful because (admit it) it feels good to be wanted, needed, depended on but painful because at times, you're just as helpless as they are when there is nothing you can do to help your child. 

Thankfully, my children are both overall healthy other than these viruses that seem to be lingering.  That means that right now my shushing when I'm trying to calm them down and my tight squeeze as I hold them and rock them to sleep is exactly what they need.  It does the job!  I hope I never have to be the parent who distracts the child who has to receive chemo or radiation treatments or the mom who's hand is squeezed each time the child receives an insulin injection.  For those of you who read this and have ever worn those hats, I commend you.  For those of you who read this and have not, I pray you and I never have to!


  1. Just an hour ago Sophia had a burp that would not come out and she shouted in pain. I felt like I am supposed to save her from pain and I'm failing miserably. Rodney and I moving her from side to side and her screaming and I'm just saying I don't understand whats wrong she not hungry and she's clean and she's screaming in pain, and Rodney saying whats wrong with her why is she acting like this and a few minutes later a huge burp as if she was in a belching contest :) Seeing your child in pain is not easy even if its something as silly as a burp so I also commend thsoe mommies that are out there that are so special and strong in order to comfort or be there for thier children. I will say once you have a child you never see another sick child the same again. Your heart goes out to any child with a challenge and wish the best for them as if they were your own family member.

  2. I think you're such a great mom! This blog is very sweet and I look forward to reading more :)

  3. Meli - awww, poor Sophia. Gas pains are ROUGH! The great part is that once you get it out, it's instant relief. But you're right, when you don't know what is bothering them, it's the worst. Hoping she is feeling better and letting those burpies out freely!
    Nicole, thank you SO much. I love being a mom - it's what I have always wanted to be. Glad you like the blog - I'll be posting more soon. I appreciate you reading along :)