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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friends are like a box of chocolates...

You never know what you're gonna get!  Well that's not entirely true - with some friends, you know exactly what you're gonna get because you can practically finish each other's sentences.  They are the friends that are like a classic favorite, one you can always count on and grab in the grocery store checkout line.  However, there are also those friends that continue to surprise you like biting into a candybar with multi-layers.  At first bite, you may think they are filled with one thing when really they are covered with another. 

With my friends, I love the variety I get when I open my "box of chocolates."  Some are nutty, some are filled with warmy goodness, some are harder to swallow but the aftertaste is delicious.  My friends are addictive.  Just one taste is not enough.  Life (and my appetite) is so much more fulfilling with these pieces of chocolate I call my friends. 

To all of my delectably delightful friends, I say thank you.  Whether in small doses or stuffing my face, you always hit the spot! 

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